Eight Amazing Reasons To Drink More Water

Your body is made up of about 60% water so when you sweat or eliminate water, your body starts to dehydrate. Drinking H2O maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients, regulate body temperature, digest food, and more.

We have some amazing reasons to convince you to drink more water!

  1. Supports Your Immune System– Those who drink more water are less likely to get sick. Remaining hydrated can help fight against flu, cancer and other ailments.
  2. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue– Your brain is mostly water so hydration helps you think, focus and concentrate. Being dehydrated even 1% can reduce your productivity by nearly 12%.
  3. Maintains Regularity– Water aids in digestion and helps to prevent constipation.
  4. Promotes Weight Loss – Drinking a glass before meals helps to reduce hunger and water helps to raise your metabolism. Oh, and it has ZERO calories!
  5. Keeps The Urinary Tract Healthy – Water helps reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections (UTI).
  6. Improves Skin Complexion – Moisturizes your skin and helps to get rid of wrinkles.
  7. Headache Remedy – Headaches, even migraines and back pain, are often a result of dehydration.
  8. Helps the Joints – Keep your muscles elastic and joints lubricated to help eliminate or reduce pain.

If those aren’t enough reasons, remember that when your body is functioning at top level, you naturally feel better and are generally happier. In lieu of rushing to the medicine cabinet for a remedy, try drinking more water. Not only is it vital to life, it’s also free!



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