The Benefits Of Healthy Vending Choices

Offering nutritious snacks and beverages to employees is an important consideration for businesses. Companies can encourage healthy habits and in so doing, perhaps save money in terms of time lost due to illness to the cost of employee insurance. This perk can also help your business benefit from increased motivation and productivity. What’s not to like about that?

Also, during cold and flu seasons, offering nutritious and immunity-boosting snacks like walnuts, almonds, fresh fruit, yogurt with berries, green tea and oranges can help reduce susceptibility to the nasty illnesses.

As a vending company in Rochester and surrounding communities, Choice Refreshments LLC offers many choices to businesses. Our Choice Markets© solution is free of vending machines offering a self-serve selection of fresh, healthy foods tailored to the wishes of your company and employees.

Here is a sampling of the items available for your business:

  • Granola, nuts, trail mix and more
  • Hot Soups & Meals
  • Fresh Fruit and Salads
  • Deli-fresh sandwiches
  • Muffins and sweets

In addition to many other food selections, we also offer coffee & water services. Let’s face it, most of us have a love affair with our morning cup of coffee so why not offer Keurig or more traditional coffee service? Follow that with our fresh, cold water or fruit juices to keep your employees happy and hydrated.



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