Vending Technology

At Choice Refreshments LLC, we employ Remote Monitoring Technology.

Our vending machines are embedded with wireless cellular hardware which allows us to view each machine's real time inventory levels and status through the internet. The benefits of this technology include:vending technology

  • Fewer complaints about out-of-stock items
  • Improved tracking of favorite products
  • Ability to tailor the selection to your office usage reducing waste
  • Timely delivery of products to your location
  • Remote notification of bill or coin jams
  • Remote notification of machine loss of power
  • Trucks are prepacked exactly as needed for better energy efficiency

Debit and Credit We also offer convenient Debit and Credit Card Payment! Customers can just swipe or tap their contactless cards and are guided through the payment process. Also accepted for payment by smart phone are Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™! No more need to carry cash for a quick snack or beverage.


Our snack machines also include Guaranteed Vending Technology. The machines utilize infrared sensors to insure product delivery. If the item does not vend, the machine will prompt you to select another item or refund your money! These electronic real time refunds avoid the hassle of in-house management for undelivered products from the machine.

Vending machines offering products requiring refrigeration include embedded Health Meter Software to ensure food safety. If the temperature rises above a certain setting, the machines are electronically locked to prevent food from being sold and consumed.

If your vending technology is out of date or you’re looking to provide superior vending solutions in your location, Choice Refreshments LLC can help you custom design a program to fit your needs. From traditional vending options including snacks and beverages to Choice Markets© and FitPick®, our team can help you put together a selection of products to fit your needs.



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